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I think the issue is more with the personnel than the system tbf.

A 442 system gives us defensive solidity and it gets the best out of our two best attacking outlets up top. With a couple of additions in midfield I think it could be an effective system.

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I read a worrying post from a Napoli fan where they moaned about Ancelotti playing 442 so I am a bit worried.

Maybe he's got Sacchi in his head or something.
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I read a worrying post from a Napoli fan where they moaned about Ancelotti playing 442 so I am a bit worried.

Maybe he's got Sacchi in his head or something.

Was never a huge 442 fan when everyone was moaning about Moyes only playing 1 up front but then also Leicester and Atlético have upset the odds playing it.


Always feel like it’s roles rather than imagining players bolted together like in table football.

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442 is what got us out of the mess we was in when Dunc took over. Since we went 442 Vs the beginning of the season 433 it's been much better.
But we can't go changing formation based on our result yesterday , we was unlucky with a deflected  goal.

Just my opinion of course which counts for nothing

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I'm not making any major judgments on the 4-4-2 yet but it's definitely not a good tactic with center midfielders who can't run.
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Dr. Sponge

It's only a 442 when defending, but in possession its very fluid.

Anyway, Carlo's choice of formation is the least of our worries, we need better players.

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I don’t think it’s just the two central midfielders, it’s also the left and right wingers who are also midfielders and not forwards. They need to do their defensive duties. We have an abundance of left forwards, not wingers, Richarlison could do it but would be wasted out there.

Saul and Koke at Atletico have work rate, they are physical and composed under pressure. Iwobi for example has the first two.

I like the look of what Arteta has done with Arsenal and his pressing 3-4-3.  I would imagine our current squad fits this system better.

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I think it's hard to get away from the idea that you need two absolutely top drawer players to get away with playing a 2 against 3, most of the time. If we brought those 2 top drawer players in at centre mid, then I'm all on board with the 4-4-2, but our recruitment record isn't stellar.

If we can't get that calibre of player in, I'd prefer us to go more 4-3-3/4-5-1.
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