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Author Topic: Goodison for Gomes?  (Read 244605 times)

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July 04, 2020, 07:25:00 PM
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Hes on 112k a week, according to this


Another who well spend the next few years counting down til when they can fuck off on a free. 112k a week. We are so amazingly charitable

July 04, 2020, 08:18:01 PM
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Do you just make this shit up?

Leicester had 17 dribbles as a team; 8 of them were NOT past Gomes. He was dispossessed twice. Everton as a team were dispossessed 11 times. He was 32-40 (80%) passing when the team was 73%. 6-8 on long balls. Digne was 80% on only 26 passes but no one will even comment on that.

Beyond that Gomes had 3 tackles, 1 interception, and even a dribble of his own.

He wasn't great, he wasn't anywhere near as poor as you're making him out to be.

Do I make them up. It wasnt me that posted them on here. If they arent true get onto the person who posted them. Regardless he was fucking shite.

July 04, 2020, 08:39:41 PM
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Sorry all I saw was you posting them, not quoting someone else. Regardless, he wasn't shit. He wasn't good, he wasn't bad. He was distinctly average.

We have very low standards if thats an average midfield performance these days.

July 07, 2020, 11:21:22 AM
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If he was as good as he thinks he is hed be amazing. If he knew his limitations hed be decent. Unfortunately though hes no clue. He plays without fear of losing it. Takes his time. Turns into trouble. Never panics regardless of lack of time and space. And loses it over and over again.

July 07, 2020, 03:51:24 PM
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This, shows for the ball, recycles it, occasionally plays a good ball down the channels... It's not awe inspiring but compared to Sig it's like watching Pirlo!

The issue is that a) he plays some pretty awful forward passes at times when he does try to be more ambitious, and b) once he's recycled it the person who now has it doesn't do anything with it.

Not sure he'll ever be suited to a midfield two, needs to be in a three with a holding destroyer type and a silky creative player as the other

Hes someone you could hide in a midfield 3 with 2 very good players and hed look quite good too.

The biggest problem with Gomes is he plays like pirlo. If he played with a little fear he wouldnt keep getting caught on it.

July 07, 2020, 04:01:11 PM
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The slack this fella gets cut is unreal. Criminal waste of space.

Vile shite. His numbers are dreadful. Davies is a better player. Imagine having a good look at him. Seeing all his limitations alongside a monster like gueye and then selling gueye and still signing him.

July 07, 2020, 04:04:06 PM
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Interesting that this is the perception that he gets caught on, however when you look at players dispossessed its only happened 19 times compared to Ricky 65. Im not having a pop at Ricky as hes trying to be progressive but is that really a fair reflection when it could be that hes trying to retain the ball, there are no options etc rather than just being sloppy?

Its a bit difference though. Gomes is getting caught on it in really dangerous areas turning back into trouble and taking too long on the ball. He plays with the arrogance of a Xavi or a pirlo and none of the ability.

July 07, 2020, 04:10:13 PM
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He'd probably work in a 4-5-1 with a destroyer like Gana beside him and someone creative ahead. His job of manipulating the ball around would then be a decent commodity to have and if you think back to the game at Anfield last season, he has(had?) it in his locker to step up and control a game. Albeit briefly.

As it is he's sat next to someone like Sig who does literally nothing or Davies who I'm running out of patience with too. So he's a square peg in a round hole not really doing anything of note.

Out of the midfielders he's probably the one we could get the most use out of, but the fact the conditions have to be just perfect for him to shine means he's ultimately a waste of a decent wage which could be better spent elsewhere.

Agree with all of this. In a well functioning midfield with the right players alongside him hed raise up to a decent level. Problem is we dont have them players and he was a big commitment financially for someone who needs everything right alongside him to contribute.

July 07, 2020, 04:27:15 PM
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But this is why he deserves to be cut a bit of slack, cause he could be a pivotal part of a good midfield, the rest of them couldnt, they're just wank

That doesnt make him pivotal. We are talking about playing him in a 5 with 2 very good players to complement him. Maybe we could cut iwobi a bit of slack for having to play out of position alongside Gomes and sigurdsson. Or sigurdsson some slack for having to play with Bernard and Gomes. They are all shades of shite. All would be better not playing with the others

July 07, 2020, 04:40:01 PM
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Except the graphs show Iwobi played 90% of his time on the left at Arsenal so thats not true

Hed be a better player playing with gueye winning the ball further up field and a Barkley as playmaker though. He could be decent on the wing then. As good they all if we had great players apart from them individually. None of them are pivotal though just maybe able to hide them in a much better midfield

July 07, 2020, 05:54:16 PM
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Think he suffers from a lack of high quality options alongside him in the midfield.

Would ideally need a Gana+ player alongside him, someone who can do the defensive work and an be able to take on some of the attacking responsibility. Which is a bit of an ask.

Playing alongside sigurdsson seems to be turning him into sigurdsson.

If Sig isn't taking responsibility in attack then the onus is on Gomes to do the attacking, but teams easily read that and therefore Gomes starts being less risk averse as the play becomes more telegraphed

We want someone with gueyes defensive numbers whos also capable of producing attacking numbers to play alongside Gomes? Would that maybe be the worlds best midfielder

What about a Messi Ronaldo hybrid to play alongside DCL and how good would Keane be if we could pair him with baresi with the ball playing skills of Xavi and the pace of a peak Usain bolt.

July 07, 2020, 06:51:08 PM
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Thanks for basically repeating what I already said when I wrote "which is bit of an ask"

Top fucking post pal

A bit of an ask. Thats quite the understatement.

July 07, 2020, 06:58:55 PM
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That's the crux of it, isn't it.

This summer we need to bring in a midfielder to build around that's either gonna stop us conceding goals or help us score them.

Bringing in another jack of all trades like Gomes would just gonna perpetuate our problem.

Gomes is a jack of no trades. 1 assist 1 goal in over 40 games. 4 successful through balls. Then nonexistent defensive contribution. Theres nowt wrong with an all rounder.

July 07, 2020, 08:13:47 PM
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I wasn't even defending him, he'll need someone to do a boat load of work alongside him.

You were just being sarcastic for the sake of being sarcastic

I think my point was that if he requires players alongside him so good they dont exist hes probably no use to us

July 07, 2020, 08:17:24 PM
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surely sorting this midfield is top of the list though?

Who's assed about a new right wing if your centre mids are hiding all game?

If he wants to play 442 next season he needs two new centre mids ultimately.

Ive got no idea what we will do with that lot, hopefully sell most of them.

Sell? I think wed be lucky to get rid of them all for a combined zero. The fees wed get for some would have to be given to the others for them to even consider leaving