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Author Topic: Player Ratings V Leicester  (Read 6249 times)

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October 08, 2018, 04:55:25 PM
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Agree with the sentiment that Kenny isn't good enough. I'd absolutely love him to be, and to be proven wrong, but he doesn't look like he can defend at this level. Got done badly at the weekend, and that's not the first time his lack of positional awareness and judgment has lead to a goal. I think he's a championship player. We should be looking to upgrade, but it's not the most crucial position for now....centre mid and striker have to be priorities.
At this age of 20/21 is it ?   I think kenny is every bit as good has seamus was at that age,  seamus was woeful,  had to be loaned out to gain experience,  but look what he turned into,  arguably our best right back since gary stevens,  so dont right jonjoe off just yet,  he, ll get well better with more game time and a stable coaching system