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November 05, 2018, 07:34:11 PM
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Mick 1995

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As good as we were - our goals came from a break, a shot outside the box and a defensive error, so we’re still not breaking down teams when they sit deep imo.

I've read you mention this before and it has been playing on my mind quite a bit because it is a really big concern. I thought.

But after a few weeks of mulling it over i think i've changed my mind. Based on the following:

- As a general rule, the deep-playing teams are really good at it.
- There is no way the majority of teams can break down 11 players all performing that same job.

So i've been watching some of the top sides when they've come across these teams to see how they stuff them.
And do you know what 2 things it is that does it for the most part? Patience (not wasting possession with pot-shots. Pulling the ball out and starting again, over & over & over & over again) and being clinical.
A chance will come. When it does, make sure players take advantage of it.
That's what our first goal was all about yesterday (and our 3rd, for that matter).

The only alternative to that are the proper elite level teams. The City & Barcelona's of the world. Who have such intricate, minute passing & running movement that they can ghost past any number of lines.
We can't replicate that, and wont be able to for a long, long time.

November 05, 2018, 07:59:56 PM
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Mick 1995

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No mate, you were 100% correct to raise it as a concern. I was saying that it was something that worried me enough to research some actual non-Everton football (which is rare for me).

The results of the research is that when you see teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea beat the Burnleys, Leicesters and Palaces of the world that they normally do it in the same manner we have recently.

Keep the ball. Probe. Fail. Bring the ball out. probe. Fail. Rinse and repeat.
The goals come from the following, in order of most often:
- Finding a sweet spot in the run of play to overload on numbers (our 1st yesterday)
- A defensive error (our 3rd)
- An individual unleashing an outrageous shot (our 2nd)
- Some absurd individual skill that we all watch for weeks afterwards

My point was: "yeah, i was worried about that as well. But i think me and you were comparing ourselves with the absolute elite tier. We compare favourably with the rest of the big boys when it comes to breaking down stubborn teams"