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Author Topic: [News]Lookman wants more first team action  (Read 1417 times)

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November 10, 2018, 03:04:37 AM
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Because a run of bad results puts pressure on the manager and that pressure is very rarely relieved and becomes a death spiral.
Every position higher up the table generates huge amounts of cash. Not just in prize money, but in the subsequent increased optioned games the following season.
Combined with our management hopefully planning to sneak into the Europa League spots then every single point and goal is vital.

And they clearly think, over the 70+ minutes a start tends to get you, that Walcott is more likely to create an opportunity.

I do think he probably needs to see some bench time. But not for Lookmans sake, but so that he refocuses and gets back to his best. (Which, at this moment in time, is more reliable than Lookmans)

Very strongly disagree on everything other than getting Europa (which is important, if not vital, from a revenue POV).

Weíve finished everywhere from 7th to 11th over the last couple of years. Yes heís under pressure because this is the premier league but I donít see it being s big issue this year tbh. I think the common concensus is that itís a building year? Is there a big difference between 7th and 11th? Nah. Not really. Not beyond our enjoyment and the general feel around the club. Mid table is mid table, nobody would be surprised and nobody would be shocked.

What is important is giving players with potential to either make something happen here or be sold for healthy profit time on the pitch to develop.

Theo Walcott is WASHED. If you believe otherwise then you are a big Steve Walsh Sam Allardyce head.
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