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Author Topic: Why did you choose to support Everton  (Read 4036 times)

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January 03, 2019, 01:59:57 AM
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Because I probably done something bad in a previous life.

Wouldnít change it though. Up the fuckiní Blues.

January 03, 2019, 02:15:59 AM
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My dad was from croxteth he was a twin...his brother was on Lpool books as a centre forward me dad was on Evertonís books as a goalie...they played each other in a cup final and me dad saved a pen from his brother...all their family were reds and they never spoke to him for about 2 years...he never really got on with his family much growing up...he took me to Goodison first time when I was 4 he was supposed to be baby sitting me.......when I  was old enough I had the chance to sign schoolboy for either everton or them..me dad never pressured me to choose but the family did.....it was a no brainier for me signed schoolboy forms for Everton and they all ďhatedĒ me for it...have always loved Everton..well nearly always..they released me after being on the books as an apprentice after 3 years.....I thought I hated them for it...chances of making it over...then one day out of the blue I got a letter from a club in Holland inviting me for trials saying EFC had recommended me....how could you hate them? I have spent my working life in football either as a player or coach.....all thanks to Everton....
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January 03, 2019, 02:23:08 AM
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I ask myself this question most weekends

Jumped on the bandwagon in the 80s

January 03, 2019, 05:17:26 AM
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Neville Southall - that is all
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January 03, 2019, 06:24:04 AM
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Followed my dad, he was a blue and my younger brother was to....until he reached the age of 10, he then turn coated to the red shite, which I have never let him forget. He turned three days before the 1974 FA Cup final against Newcastle, due to a lady in the street deciding to throw a street party and only inviting fucking reds fans, I stood firm, my brother went the fucking party!
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January 03, 2019, 07:54:05 AM
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Living in Wales I honestly have no idea how it started, just always somehow been with me.  All the kids in my school down my way supported Swansea, Liverpool or United. so being an obnoxious little twat did have some lasting benefits.  Weirdly though, most of my family are now blues and many of my mates made the switch over the years, so I guess they all decided to grew up!! 

January 03, 2019, 08:38:17 AM
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I believe I covered this topic here.


Basically because of being "the people's club" and because of Si and Bally.
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January 03, 2019, 08:56:39 AM
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Basically, I didn't see my Dad for a long time (who is a red) so I grew up in a single parent family. So essentially, the decision was left up to myself. I had brief period as a red with a kit/wallpaper but I came back before the Coventry survival game, and my first kit was actually a Man Utd kit, more on that in a minute......

So the only boy in the family on my Mum's side is my cousin. I looked up to him and he had a Man Utd kit so I asked my Mum for one when I was 4. She was mortified as walking around Liverpool in that wasn't a great idea, but I was 4. Like my cousin, I found Blue again very quickly. By 6 I had the old Yellow 'Danka' Everton GK shirt with 'Southall' on the back who I adored.

The love affair with Everton all properly started one day in 1995 my Mum asked who I supported and as I always liked the colour Blue at school + I'd just watched us beat Spurs in the FA Cup SF and I loved Amokachi, I picked Everton. Aged 6. My Grandad on my Mum's side who used to go Everton one week and Liverpool the next and actually went the 65 and 66 Cup Finals to see both told me I'd have a tough life from then on. Unless Everton signed David Ginola. (Quarrrrrrrrrrr Tosh, what a player he is!)

My Mum didn't have a lot of money then though so I couldn't go games and so on my Dad's side of the family a few started taking me to Liverpool games. My first actual football match was Liverpool vs Aston Villa 95/96 where McMannanaman scored and Fowler got 2. Naturally for balance, they took me again only the Derby at Goodison where I insisted at sat in the Everton end with my Nana on my Dad's side who is also a red.

We drew 1-1. 1996 torrential rain. Kanchleskis early scrappy goal and then Fowler equalised with about 5 minutes left. That tells you a lot about my derby luck in the future especially at Anfield (x15 vists, took the lead x4, drew 4 lost 11). Anyway, I was characteristically not shy and quite loud and aged only 7 with how bad Everton where at the time and how good Liverpool where, some of the Blue round me in the Top Balcony told my Nan ' With Claus Thomsen about, we need more like him love'.

When I was 8 my Nana on my Dad's side told me she'd pay to decorate my room and as she had been taking me a few Liverpool games asked if I wanted Liverpool wallpaper/a kit for my birthday. So I said yes. Again, this didn't last long because by the time Everton played Coventry end of 97/98 I had this huge fear of Everton going down. That's when I knew who I truly supported.

In time the Liverpool wallpaper came down and then my Mum started going out with someone who could get us complimentary tickets home/away so we started going to loads of games. The first one was a six-pointer away to Blackburn 98/99 where we went behind 1-0 then won 2-1 when Bakayoko scored 2. We went down via lift arranged for us from 3 people we didnt know from Asda Car Park and one of the women from Kirkby needed to blag someone else's/french persons ticket and her attempts at it where hilarious despite my Mums help (My Mum speaks French).
In 99/00 when we had a QF at home to Villa my Mum promised me if we won she'd take me to Wembley for the SF. So I cried when we lost. After that, my Mum went out with somebody new so I started occasionally going with the older cousin who had the Man Utd kit when he was younger.

Anyway all that solidified who my team was. Despite all the times me and my Mum went to Goodison and saw Joey Beuchamp score the winner for Oxford Utd in the Coca Cola Cup and beat us 1-0, despite going with my Mum to Anfield to see Dacourt score after 40 seconds yet Fowler sniff the white line (What's he doing Mum?) and despite having my first half season ticket in 01/02 watching Ipswich, Charlton and others beat us 3-0 at home, marvelling at the 'talents' of Tobias Linderoth, Idan Tal and Alessandro Pistone and seeing Walter Smith get sacked, I renewed my season ticket every year until about 2011 or 2012.

There was a time where Everton was literally my life. I got paid to write about them and other sometimes I wrote about them for free on Toffeeweb, WSAG and NSNO. I went literally every game home,away and abroad for 6 years.

As you get older you learn there's more to life, but Everton are still an important aspect of my own life and its made me so many friends. My boss in the youth club I work in now asked me did I support Everton and when I said yes he said 'your going to fit right in'.

Whenever I tell anyone at Celtic I support Everton they all say 'Good, Liverpool are Huns'. Hahahahah lolol

So a decision I made all by myself aged 6 could mean lifelong misery but I'm glad I chose Everton.
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January 04, 2019, 02:50:22 AM
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first pack of Panini stickers I ever bought, had a shiny Everton badge :D
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January 04, 2019, 03:14:00 AM
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Evertonian in NC

My daughter (then around 8-9) was playing rec league footy (a rather good CB), and the week before the season started, coach's daughter hurt her knee.  Since she was out, her dad was out, too.

They asked if anyone had coached before, and for some reason I volunteered having coached my younger brother's baseball team growing up.  Boom, I was head coach, and I barely knew the fookin' rules.

I knew only: (i) I enjoyed rooting against the USA in World Cup play; and (ii) that the Premier League was the best in the world.  As such, I watched every Prem match I could over the next 10 days, and had the chance to see most everyone play.  I fell almost instantly in love with Everton (Moyes' Everton, no less!), and especially Steven Pienaar.  As a lifelong NC State fan, I felt immediate kinship with the underdog status, feeling the powers-that-be had fucked us out of our past, rightful glory, and the supporters' mild paranoia (but a paranoia with at least some connection to reality).  I knew better than to choose a front-runner, I have at least that much dignity.  Everton weren't great, but there was so much intensity and a sense of pride and honour...I don't see how I could have ever chosen differently.

I went back and read books and watched YouTube videos of the mid-80s squads, going mad for another Steven (Trevor Steven, that is) playing with a silkiness that almost made one weep.  It's not an earned feeling at all, but it genuinely feels like I've loved Everton all my life, just didn't know so for awhile.  Chosen, not choosing, indeed.

One sees Liverpool window decals and bumper stickers over here, and it makes me so irrationally angry I can hardly stand it.  But no, I haven't run any of them off the road.  YET!  :D
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January 04, 2019, 04:30:53 AM
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born a blue. always will be...rough or smooth. always will be :)

January 04, 2019, 04:41:55 AM
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Havenít got a clue.

No one in my family likes football, never mind support Everton.

I just know one day I decided Iím going to support Everton.

First real childhood memory is seeing us come home with the cup on queens drive so I reckon Iíve got the bug somewhere along that run.

Wouldnít change a thing tbh. I actually feel sorry for the kopites I know because I know they donít have the passion me and my blue mates have. Itís all forced with them to fit in with people.

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January 04, 2019, 04:52:33 AM
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Robbie Moubert

Although we moved to South London when I was four (originally from Llandudno), my Dad, whose family were from Liverpool, did enough to make sure I followed in his and my Grandad's footsteps. I remember feeling like the odd one out when all my primary school friends were Chelsea fans but I never wavered and going to lots of London games from 74-77 (my first game was Latchford's debut at West Ham) cemented things for me.

January 04, 2019, 04:59:24 AM
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Not sure if I've really had a choice, all I've ever known is to support Everton and it's never crossed my mind to wants to support someone else, it doesn't really work like that for me anyway.
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January 04, 2019, 05:17:04 AM
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American here. First started really connecting with football in the buildup to the 2010 World Cup. Our two most recognizable players at the time were Tim Howard and Landon Donovan (who was just coming off of his successful first loan), so I decided to check out Everton. I was hooked from there--I'd been chosen.