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Author Topic: Why did you choose to support Everton  (Read 5660 times)

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January 05, 2019, 06:09:29 PM
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You tell me why l chose Everton.

No family connections to Liverpool whatsoever.
In fact l grew up in a village where Gaelic football dominated and soccer was almost a bad word.
As the troubles kicked off, and soldiers arrived on the scene, l was surrounded by a very toxic anti Brit environment. Anyone else who followed soccer supported Celtic, but only because there was a Catholic Prod thing going on with Rangers, fuck all to do with football.

The first match l remember seeing them play was the 1968 FA Cup final, which they lost. (I was 9 and gutted, a feeling l got used to as the years went by). I used to watch The Big Match on a Sunday on a black and white tv and l remember they were on one week and scored 7 goals against Leicester. That was around '68 too and I've followed them since, against all the odds.