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June 27, 2019, 03:11:11 AM
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Hi all, long time listener, first time ringing in.

Speaking of weirdos...I've been lurking since we signed Louis Saha! Yes been reading this forum for a long time now. Blue Kipper always made me cringe, and although I enjoyed the long reads on Toffeeweb during a slow day in work, I never got up-to-date news or rumours from the other sites quite like I did from you guys. (GoT was one that never really came up on the radar back then and, having popped my head in over there a few weeks back for the first time, I'm very glad for that.)

Anyway, while I wait for more Zouma or Neves news, I  thought I'd post some moments that this site has imprinted onto my brain over the years. Cue highlight reel:

- Thinking 'Who is this Bilynopace guy with his unfunny comments?'

- Seeing Stealth's amazing avatar girl (back when I'd log in using a computer, a lifetime ago) and thinking to myself 'geez. Does this guy actually go out with her? Or is she some girl from...FHM, or Nuts or something, that I've never seen, and she's posing in an Everton shirt?!'

- Wishing that Verminator would wind his neck in, and thinking he was a prat for a long time, before thinking that he'd turned a corner and enjoying his posts. Pretty sure he won an award for that too, 'most improved poster', I think.

- The Muppet delegation picture which, when well timed, was one of those posts that would make me smile in work during meetings when I wasn't supposed to be smiling.

- Forgive me for this, Con, as I'm aware of your status as a foreign doctor who writes impeccably, so this description is unfair on you - but there was a guy whose first post read like it was written by a comedy foreign doctor with a poor grasp of English. Not really sure how else to describe him. Anyway, in his first post he recommended a cure for Lukaku's ailments: fisting him with rice and vitamins, as if he was a racehorse or something. Had me in tears for a good half an hour, that post. His second, third and fourth posts were nigh identical, however, and it got unfunny very quickly. Shame really. Good one hit wonder though.

- Moshiri's takeover, and whoever it was that posted the links with the comment 'p-p-powerwannnnkk!' Haha. Good stuff.

- Some poster whose name escapes me, but I remember him kicking off on Bally calling him the 'forum hard man', fuming at everyone for rating Gueye ('are you people having a fucking laugh? He's shit, I'm right, end of' etc) and then arguing that his life was better than everyone else's because he'd learned how to do backflips that particular Saturday morning. Don't think he posts anymore. I came close to stopping reading here during then.

- All of Gylfi Sigurddson's brother's amazingly long and detailed posts (including the mad early morning 'Cantstopthesig' ones) where he claimed that, statistically, his brother was better than Messi. Don't get me wrong, I love Gylfi, but...yeahhh.

- ALL the Django posts. They were amazing posts and it's a shame they've dried up, but I'm appreciating D1stin's recent efforts, so thanks for them.

Anyway, after seeing Si's thread a few weeks ago (followed by this one), I thought it a good time as any to say thanks for all the reads, opinions and, er, insight. I don't do social media much these days, so my Everton fixes come solely from this site. Nice one for doing such a good job.

Great site lads. Finally said it! Haha  :thumbsup: