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July 13, 2019, 02:37:38 AM
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The last part of this article doesnít sound good.

bit gutting that though "Silva does not have major resources to work with, certainly not without raising cash in sales, so Delph's arrival would be smart business", at a time when its viewed a chance of popping the top 6 due to a transfer ban, a manager who sounds like he's won a raffle to manage a side and will be gone by December & Arsenal being Arsenal, we are paying for previous mistakes.

Can Moshiri not pump some more money in

July 13, 2019, 03:15:25 PM
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Tiny fee for a very decent, versatile squad player, although at £90k a week (he isnít going to take a pay cut to join us) itís a load of dough to splash on a benchwarmer. 

I just really hope he isnít seen as Ganaís replacement.

If we also get in someone like Sangare, Kessie, or Zakaria then I will be more enthused by this signing.

yeah think you're right, the impact/judgement of this signing will depend on how the window finishes and who we have in the squad.