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Watford v. Everton

Started by Sensei, February 22, 2007, 07:50:23 am

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Quote from: CockPissPartridge1 point off 6th place.

Moyes Out.

Acc. Closed.

And great work by Beattie in providing the opportunity for Osman's excellent goal  :clap:


see what happens when we have a go at them?


Wondering what to make of today's performance.  We were good 1st half (although still a little sloppy), 2nd half we were having a hard time keeping the ball and a better team would have got a goal I think.

Either way a win is a win, and it will help our confidence after the bilge that was midweek.  

Howard 7 - good game, came for a lot of stuff too which I like to see

Neville 6 - Did ok, was running the defence ok on set pieces
Yobo 7 - Good game
Lescott 7 - Ok game by his standards
Naysmith 6 - Clumsy but tried to get forward.

Arteta 5 - Quiet game
Fernandes 7 - All for his 1st half performance, faded out in the 2nd.
Cahill 5 - Not his best game, should have scored.
Carsley 7 - Did what he was meant to.
Osman 6 - Scored a goal, proving himself to be a better sub than starter?

Johnson 7 - worked hard, scored.
Beattie 6 - Should have scored, but I thought he wasn't so bad today (started the 1st goal movement)
Vaughan 5 - not much shown, good workrate.


Quote from: Tony Hibberts Greatest FanI'm going to have to stop criticing moyes, i say fuck off moyes we go 1-0, i stand by fuck off moyes so we get 2-0, now im mocking his tactics we get 3.

by all means carry on, try the same for the next game and see what happens.  after 5 criticisms we may end up 5-0 up.  :biggrin:

great goal from osman.
Don't. You're too young to experience that much pain.


Good job by the Toffees did their job

Howard- 7
Neville- 7
Yobo- 7
Lescott- 8
Naysmith- 6
Arteta- 7
Fernandes- 7
Cahill- 6 or 7
Carsley 7
Johnson 8
Beattie 6

Osman gets a 7 for the strike, class goal that

Tony Hibberts Greatest Fan

Howard- 7
Neville- 6
Yobo- 7
Lescott- 7
Naysmith- 6
Arteta- 6 (8 1st half)
Fernandes- 7 (8 1st half)
Cahill- 5
Carsley 6
Johnson 9
Beattie 7

Vaughen 6
osman 6


Second half was poor. We failed to get a grip on the game. We also got fuck all from the referee, Beattie was fouled so many times but we didnt get anything.

Really would have been nice if we could have hammered them, they were obviously there for the taking but a few players seemed to fade.

Gave the ball away alot second half which was just inviting pressure.

Carsley and Naysmith were shit. Cahill didn't get into the game neither did Arteta.

I thought Beattie had a better game tonight, really needs a goal though.

Osman's goal was brilliant.

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Agree with most that has been written on here so far aboot the game... The back four and Howard didn't really have that much to do but that's mainly because Watford are shit than us being such a good side!

The midfield never felt that impressive even though we were better than Watfords ditto, but what do we expect without wingers? Fernandez the exception. Brilliant with the ball and how he protect the ball when he has won it back really impresses me... What Cars is doing in the team with Fernandez there amazes me even more now!

AJ was good and made his runs as expected and BT was decent but should have SCORED! AJ basically gave a goal away to his best friend and then he misses that chance!

And no mather what Moyes says aboot this being his tactics... He has really listened to the critics and is probably a little frightened to get every fan on his back. I mean he was even blooding Vaughan!!! :clap:

Oh and Osmans goal :thumbsup:  Maybe what he needed to find his good form?
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Did the same against west hame earlier this season when everyone started to get on his back, he is a better sub than starter in my opinion though.