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Bolton v Everton

Started by Chris, April 06, 2007, 03:51:10 pm

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Quote from: DanDanHow many games we undefeated for now?

That was our 6th league game unbeaten.

Also our 6th away match in a row without a defeat. That's our premiership record.



James Vaughan has severed an artery, but has had it stitched back up.


Point gained in my book. We'll pick up more points than Bolton in the run in I'm sure. Was Vaughans injury a head injury?


Quote from: MexicanToffeePoint gained in my book. We'll pick up more points than Bolton in the run in I'm sure. Was Vaughans injury a head injury?

No, an ankle injury. Look up to my above post and you'll see he severed an artery. Would be strange to see how he did it to be honest


Quote from: thompA good result for us. Referee was piss poor as were his officials

Arteta and Vaughan were arguably our best players, AJ didn't really get into the game whatsoever. Diouf should have been sent off, big loss that Vaughany got injured too. Lescott not moving out for the Bolton goal was probably inexperience to be honest.

All in all, positives and negatives. Most important thing is we got a point in a tough game. Bring on Charlton on Saturday  :)

Arteta was average today, what did he do? He didnt get a hold of the game, made bad choices on the ball and didnt cover nearly as much ground as Osman. Vaughan was excellent but id give Osman man of the match. He never stopped, despite being short on confidence and playing badly he didnt let that get to him, he kept going showing all the skill, vision and brains that i preach on about. Absolutely delighted he put in that shift today.

It was their for the taking, we were better than them but as soon as Vaughan went off we didnt look like scoring really. Beattie wasnt a threat. Vaughan was more dangerous in the air, looked sharper, got in behind, in the channels and as soon as Beattie came on all the dissappeared.

Could have won but i suppose its one point closer to Europe.

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we must be charlton no 2 ways about it, if we are going to get europe. severed an artery? sounds nasty

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its the sort of match that we might fuck up

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