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West Ham United v Everton

Started by Chris, April 16, 2007, 10:54:45 am

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Doesn't matter... I think we'd lost this when AJ went off, and then Zamora scoring. Robert Green has done sod all in this game

Let's hope AJ is back for the United game. That's a much win now.


Why does Moyes still play Beattie?  How many more chances to start and thus missed sitters will he get?  How does DM keep a grudge against VdM yet play Beattie?

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we will need to beat pompey and one of united or chelsea now....


We didn't turn up at all today. Shambolic performance.

Only when Manny came on did we look dangerous. Arteta, Faddy and Osman were all anonymous for large parts of the game. Beattie's time is definitely up. He was poor again today, and Moyes has got to be thinking about selling him in the summer. Hibbert and Lescott were beacons of light in an otherwise drab performance. Both looked defensively sound and deserve plaudits from this poor day for Blues fans.

Hopefully AJ isn't out for long. Must wins against Manure and Portsmouth now. Manny must start the last three games we play, Beattie shouldn't start again and Moyes needs to keep morale up.

It's good that Spurs dropped two home points, and Bolton losing to Reading. However, Bolton are still level with us, Reading are now only 3 points behind in 7th, and Spurs are 4 points behind. It puts our next two home games in perspective. Both are must wins to guarantee Europe.


Agree with much of that. Never had any control over the game. Should have started with Manny.Oh well ::s

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moyes negative tactics   :shakeyheadman:

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