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January 18, 2022, 01:22:58 pm

everton v man utd

Started by account closed, April 21, 2007, 02:22:50 pm

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we should have 3 points let alone 1! some shocking mistakes today


Nil Satis

we gave them all 3, thats what really fucks me off!!!






Honestly can't believe we lost that. Turner was fanastic until that corner which he spilled, then he lost his confidence completely. Such a shame for him.

We did great until the first goal all over to be honest. Fuck knows what Neville did for the OG, and Hibbert was too tired to stop Rooney for the 3rd. Can't understand why Fatty and Faddy came on too. They werent' going to do anything in a game like this.

Defended too deep, got rollicked all second half.

We don't deserve Europe based upon our performancce after the first goal. We can kiss it all goodbye if we don't beat Portsmouth next week. That's a NINE pointer now.

I feel so sorry for all those Blues at the game. Half our lads will come back on here in tears.


account closed


Proof again that the OS is a pile of shite:

"The points may not have been forthcoming to boost Everton's European qualification ambitions - but the performance was enough to suggest David Moyes' men will not be found wanting should they secure a top seven finish and progress to the continent next term."

Nil Satis

a massive defeat for us, if we dont beat pompey next week i see us missing out on europe altogether, which will mean i can see Arteta leaving :cry:  and fernandes going elsewere, if today didnt convince him already :cry:  i have never been so down after a game in a long time. someone cheer me up


totally done in, went from fuckin bliss to the pits in 20 mins of torture,, why was the badge kissin manc left un-marked for most  of the game?? so so down... im off to bed !!
:woohoo:       C'MON YOU BLUES     :woohoo:


American Blue

Ditto, man. And that pissed me off when Rooney was monkeying around in the final minutes. Man U can keep him.

C'mon, boys! There's still hope. Pompey hasn't been looking the greatest, and with Howard and AJ back in the line-up we can make a go of things. I'm not ruling out a possible upset on Chelsea either. They've never really impressed me. And if Bolton can get a draw, then we can definitely pull a win. Keep the faith!
All together now...for Everton!

American Blue

All together now...for Everton!