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Everton v AEK Athens

Started by Si, September 14, 2009, 12:42:01 am

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Hi guys! I'm a fan of AEK and i just got back to Athens. Your city, your stadium, your hospitality... everything was perfect! I had a great time!

About the game we knew beforehand our big problems in defense. Without Majistorovic (from the Swedish national team) who was banned, and Kyriakos who got a transfer to the bloody Reds, we couldn't take not a single header!

We'll take our revenge in Athens. Even Milan lost in our stadium, the year she won the Champions league. :heart:

Quote from: CantoffieFuck those AEK fans a CRAZY!

We are a little bit... :bonk: Last year against Olympiakos we lit 500 smoke bombs at the same time! When we realized that we couldn't breath it was too late. We almost passed out but we kept singing! lolol