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Portsmouth v Everton

Started by Si, September 24, 2009, 10:47:40 am

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Agreed, we let them command the match for the last 15-20 minutes.  We should have been scoring our second to put the 3 points away.



They were very unlucky today but they are the type of games that you have to win , if the RS had battled in a few games like that last season they'd have won the league ...  and if portsmouth play like that from now on they may well get out of trouble , they're better than Wigan hull and Blackburn

Dublin Toffee

I've a bad feeling we'll be hearing the word 'cruciate' again soon


Yes.  He grabbed the back of his knee immediately.


Very lucky today. We could have easily have lost that in the last 20 minutes alone.

Howard has earned his corn for this week. Apart from that cross that he didn't collect properly he was great, as were Saha and Baines. Pienaar and Fellaini had good games too. Rodwell went missing a lot in the second half, but he's only young and he'll have games like that.

Couldn't understand the Hibbert substitution though. We lacked shape on the right following that sub. Why didn't we just bring on Gosling to keep the shape? He isn't brilliantly defensively, but the team would have looked more balanced rather than sticking Cahill on the right.

Still, 3 points and that's all matters.


Quote from: bryanPlease.  That Fellaini bashing is so 2008.  He was one of our four best today.  

Yeah I thought he had a tidy game today until the last 10....but besides, howard and baines who did stick to the task in the final quarter of the match? We won though....let's forget it and move on to next week.


Id have taken a draw and a fit Peanuts tbh.


Christ, we were dug in the last 15 minutes like we were two men down vs. Arsenal or Barcelona.