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Everton v Wolves [matchday thread]

Started by Thom, October 14, 2009, 08:34:39 am

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Dublin Toffee


1st stoke and now this shite.We can be barely pass and when we do it's to a player who can't control.Set pieces are truly shite .

Fucking disgusting.



Too little too late again. Reacting instead of being more positive from the outset. :(


Quote from: barongreenbackWe played far better against stoke! This was dire today.
We had more chances today, that's what's worrying, we're not putting them away.
Well, whores will have their trinkets.


Am I right in saying that We NEED Jags and Arteta back?


Quote from: DogsOfWarRelegation form lads.

Yeah, undefeated in 7 isn't it?

It wasn't a good result and we didn't play well but let's not  over react.

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And Pienaar. In fact Pienaar would have made a difference I rhinkk.
Well, whores will have their trinkets.


Glad couldn't make game today - realistic to say top ten at best for us this season. Here's hoping for run in one of the cups


Quote[/blockquote]points a point lets move on[blockquote]

But will it happen, DM sticks has this strange fear of change, he still picks the same players week in week out that are not good enough, ie Osman and Hibbert


Its not rocket science, we are missing at least one of Pienaar and Arteta. But still there is no excuse we should've won today.


Loving the knee jerk reaction lads, keep the comedy coming.

The Yak had two excellent chances which on another day when fit he would have put away. Saha also wasted that headed and Henessey had a couple of great saves from Saha and Bily.

All of this without Pienaar and Arteta (our creative sources) on the pitch. If we'd have got a couple of these clear chances and beaten these you'd have all been creaming your keks.


Quote[/blockquote]ts not rocket science, we are missing at least one of Pienaar and Arteta. But still there is no excuse we should've won today.[blockquote]

On paper we should have won, on the pitch we did not deserve to get apoint


Another difficult home game, Wolves deserve credit for defending well, similar to Stoke last home league game. Both played a defensive style and we didn't have the break or finish to open the game up. Howard's evasion tactics were questionable, but disappointingly successful.

We did well to get a late equaliser, I'm sick of talking about injuries but between some of the players missing and tired ones playing we were unluckily to play that well.