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August 09, 2022, 12:12:46 am

Benfica v Everton

Started by Si, October 19, 2009, 09:58:41 am

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Quote from: kewns23I would like to say first half we played ok, some nice build up work,

second half we were  complete undone by their number 20 who i think we should sign as he is fucking ace

lets hope we can get some of the first teamers back as i think we have been given bad luck with injuries of late,

i dont think many other teams would be able to cope without the players we have lost personal i will be happy with as many points as we can get and start being negitive when we getting outplayed and beat when we have a full strengh side out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

roll on jan so we can hopefully get some creative players as we really really need some

Problem is, what does Kenwright have to say about that?



Quote from: AmataWe were not that bad Thom, we played some really nice football in the first half and were doing well, we were just lacking that final pass.  Benfica had a couple of half chances but they were not carving us open.  Once they scored the next 2, which were due to errors and defensive naivity, which is to be expected, we just lost our way.

Sounds a bit more accurate that I've read a couple of reports on the game.

I think a lot of Evertonians wouldn't have minded a defeat with the team we had out, but 5-0 is still a difficult result to take.

The Little Spaniard

Its very hard to take and an embarassing result but with the injuries and the side we had out its just a case of forget and move on and hope for vast improvements at the weekend
Playing against a footballer without any attacking instinct is like making love to a tree.


What is Jo supposed to do with an unfit Yakubu and a midfield full of holes?

At half time, there was nothing between the teams. 5 minutes killed the game, and we can hardly lay the blame at Goslings door when he is being played at right back yet again.

The biggest disappointment for me was the way we rolled over and died, and didn't look interested once the goals went in.

Moyes looked lost for ideas tonight. With so many holes letting in water, where do you plug first?