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Everton v Villa

Started by Fellainis Hairdresser, October 28, 2009, 01:23:29 pm

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Fellainis Hairdresser

Hibbert Heitinga Distin Baines/Neil
Gosling Fellaini Rodwell Bilya

1-0 us, Cahill back in form COYB!
Were Forever Evertonnnnn!!

Fellainis Hairdresser

Were Forever Evertonnnnn!!


"The thing about football â€" the important thing about football â€" is that it is not just about football."  Terry Pratchett


2-3, 2-0 up at half time, 3 goals in the last 10 minutes.
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Well, whores will have their trinkets.


Quote from: blargins2-0 to Villa.

Young brace.


Hibbert to get his first goal, 2-2 exciting game, but defensively poor.



Bench: Nash, Jo, Heitinga, Neill, Baxter, Wallace, Agard

2-2. Agbonlahor and Milner for them, Yakubu and Yobo for us.


1-1 (Fellaini and Carew)
Andy Hinchcliffe has a wicked left foot!!!!!  :tongue:


Hibbert   Hetinga   Distin   Neil/Baines
  Gosling   Fellaini   Rodwell Cahill
                          Jo Saha

Go 1-0 down in the first half, and after a Moyes rollicking come back out and win 2-1. If we win this, it could be the thing to turn our season around.

M.Fellaini 25_Iggzy_1878_

I think this will be the turn around in our season... let a defensive error in first half! then win 3-1 hopefully anyway
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Neill Heitinga Distin Baines

Gosling Cahill Rodwell Jo


"You never know how long you are going to spend (at a Club) but what I can say is that I can see myself finishing my career at Everton ... I have been in other football Clubs and I’m telling you this is a special one. People say we are a family â€" we really are."

~ Mikel Arteta, November 2009

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Quote from: Rimbinho3-3


Neill Heitinga Distin Baines

Gosling Fellaini Rodwell Bilya (I hope)


Well, whores will have their trinkets.


It will suddenly all click together amazingly.
4-1 to us. And by Sunday, we will all be saying how we top 4 material again.
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2-1 villa jo for us,agbonlahor and dunne for them

Midfield General

We seemed to start reasonably well against Spurs but then the heads dropped as soon as the first goal went in, we're clearly suffering with confidence right now and it's down to Davie to get that belief back in our play, the return of one or two from injury should help lift the gloom around Finch Farm a bit, so i'm gonna be bold and suggest we'll win this 3-1.

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"How do you expect Lineker to miss from there...He doesn't!" John Motson, F.A Cup quarter final at White Hart Lane, 1986.

Midfield General

Work is the curse of the drinking class!

"How do you expect Lineker to miss from there...He doesn't!" John Motson, F.A Cup quarter final at White Hart Lane, 1986.