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Howard: Penalty save will turn our season around

Started by NewsBot, December 07, 2009, 02:38:30 pm

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Tim Howard thinks his last minute penalty save will be the catalyst to turn around Everton's flagging season.

The Everton shot stopper saved Jermain Defoe's poor effort to earn Everton a deserved point yesterday evening and showed the passion Everton are reknowned for by punching his right hand post following the save. Having had time to reflect on the match, Howard believes Everton's season is about to take off.

"We are hoping that could be the turning point in our season because we are looking for one," Howard told evertonTV.  "Sometimes it comes down to sheer luck and a bunch of the guys were saying our goalkeeper can save this one and give us the luck that we haven't had over the course of the season.

"We are hoping the Spurs result can kick us on because we have played well over the last three games. Okay, we didn't get the result we wanted against Liverpool but it was a great result over in Athens and again here against Tottenham.  

"We are hoping our form is starting to come back little by little."

The American international also praised team mate Louis Saha, who gave Howard some hints as to what Defoe might do with his penalty attempt.

"Louis was just giving me a little bit of a tip, it's a secret between friends!” he smiled. “Obviously I can't share what we said but he was right on!

"I kind of had the right idea on what I thought Jermain was going to do but he is such a good finisher that you never really know."


Actions speak louder than words! sick of these "neville call to arms" stories, if it is a season turning moment then talking about it will only jinx things! pipe down and tlet the football do the talking!


The save was as good as any goal. It will have a great effect on team moral me thinks.