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Anyone seen/heard of this guy... yet another one linked for Jan Loan

Started by scottiedog_98, December 08, 2009, 03:30:54 am

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Another young player for us. I think we should be going for some experience, but on loan, why not, it would make the squad deeper.


Never heard of him so I don't how good he is, but if he's got good potential and can provide something down the wings for us, then why not? We can't exactly be choosy at the current time.


He's been on fringes of the Barcelona 1st team for some time now and Arsenal have been watching him recently, ive not seen alot of him, just glimpses on sky whenever Barca have played but he looks decent, typical Barca player, good techniquely, bit of skill, plays the game the right way, would be a good addition on loan until the end of the season imo.


If this rumour were true, he'd probably be more likely to go to Wigan. I'm not sure Moyes would want him and is probably looking for experienced players who can cope with the physical nature of the game rather than young talent with flair who may be easily pushed over by defenders.