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August 08, 2022, 11:02:46 pm

Out of all the yongesters...

Started by Dove of Love, December 10, 2009, 10:14:59 am

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Dove of Love

with exception to Rodwell & Gosling, who will be the one that cements his place in the side and become a regular?

There was mention in the daily mail before the derby that James Wallace is one to watch for the future, however ive not seen much of him so cant comment.

Baxter has great skill and speed and did well against AEK.

For me though Coleman will be the one to make the grade. Im not suggesting this on his performance against Spurs, although it helped. But looking at the young players in the first team squad, he is one that has the physique to cope with the premierleage, has the pace, and also looks a confident player.

For me some of the players are lacking in not size, but build and therefore i think will struggle to cope. So at the moment i can only really see Coleman making the grade.


Dove of Love

Dove of Love

Duffy also looks like he will break through and become a regular.


You make some good points.

Coleman is definately first in line.  He's 21, has all the attributes required, seems determined and gets involved in the play.  He needs more experience, but there's only one way to get that.

Baxter did well agains AEK, but tired quickly.  I don't know if he's strong enough for the Premiership yet.  He's still young though.

It's still very early days for Duffy.  Although he did okay against AEK after a shakey start.  We should probably look at giving him another four years or so before we know if he'll be able to make it through to the first team as a regular.
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I think Coleman will be very good for us, but he has extra years over the other players you mention. When Baxter, Wallace and Duffy are a few years older, they will have the more strength.

I still think Baxter will be the pick of that bunch long term, but I was impressed with Duffy and Wallace has obviously been impressing the right people.

Also I thought Agard looked lively and impressive in a game that was hard to get into. He reminded me of Anichebe in his work rate, hope he gets that strength and maybe has a bit more technical ability to boot.

Endless, Nameless

Coleman, then Baxter, then Duffy, then Agard. I think Vaughan is done at the club (although I'd love to see him stay) and once Anichebe is fit I can't see him staying either (yet again, I'd rather see him stay).
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Baxter has the most potential I think, I really like the look of Agard though he looks quality, haven't seen enough of Wallace and Duffy but hear good really things.

But as already said it's Coleman who's at the front of the youngsters but with his age to the rest he has to make it now or move on elswhere, I think he'll make RB his own in time.

Future looks good for Everton though! COYB!!!
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"Greeeenn Arrrmmmyyyy"