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First sign that the club will now actually be up for sale?
Quote from: cpleigh
Quote from: gwellsYou still haven't answered the question 'What would you do in Moyes situation?' Given the absence of our classiest players, lack of investment and money for players?

ok, not spend nearly £7m on Heitinga. (Good player)... but did we need him?

Not spend £10m On Billy (Good player)... again though, the wrong player!!

Not spend £15m on Fellaini, also, how about coaching? teaching our players to pass etc?

Yes, Moyes has a dismal record in the transfer market. Always squandering Bill's big money on low quality players.

Quote from: MmmBlueBilyaletdinovWho do you  (cpleigh) suggest we replace him with?

Which top class manager is going to want to come and manage a disheartened bunch of players whilst having little of no financial backing from the chairman?

The Everton Forum / Neville out for a 'few more' weeks.
November 25, 2009, 05:23:23 am
Quote from: Cantoffieif saha gets injured ill kill myself

Considering his injury record over his career...well, can I buy shares in your life insurance policy?
The Everton Forum / Are Referees Human?
November 20, 2009, 04:15:13 am
Refs have a near impossible job to do and are supervising  22 people who are essentially encouraged to cheat--and even celebrated for it by many. I'm sure some refs feel bad when they fuck up; others like Twat and Collina were well compensated for their premeditated fuckups, so I think they felt right smug about them.

Video tech is the answer to a lot of the problems. It's so obvious that even Blatter and Platini surely know it. But they are well compensated to preserve the footballing aristocracy, with big clubs and nations staying on top. Refereeing mistakes make a convenient screen for them to hide behind, shrugging their shoulders. Blame it on some poor ref, then go celebrate with the aristocrats and pick up your envelope.

It is sad and pathetic and makes this game very difficult to watch sometimes and remain enthusiastic about. Something needs to be done. Something needed to be done years ago. What needs to be done is painfully obvious.

The Everton Forum / Moyes's Trip
November 17, 2009, 02:45:35 pm
He's down there to see TokyoToffee, who has inside information to pass along about Riquelme coming in last week for a secret meeting with Kenwright. Stay tuned.
The Everton Forum / braeking news
November 17, 2009, 02:29:26 pm
More like "breaking wind." Which could pretty much be the title of any thread by applepie.

Would be horrible if this was one of the few times he was right about something..
The Everton Forum / [poll] Kirkby - re-count
November 14, 2009, 10:49:03 am
Quote from: C-R-A-I-GThis isnt a fair vote. On NSNO if you have a view different from the norm you get hounded. Personally i think Kirkby is the only option in Evertons budget and will get the go ahead. Whether people admit it or not the main problem is its outside of Liverpool. KEIOC are called that for a reason. And it was 41% against when it was said to be world class and vertually free. KEIOC's "facts" are very misleading of the fan base as well. Especially their very biased travel facts which would have a rush hour, adding 50,000 match goers. Going to the stadium 15-20 minutes before the match and other stuff. the transport can be done.

Because the original vote occurred after months of BK and Co. not misleading people at all, eh?
The Everton Forum / [poll] Kirkby - re-count
November 13, 2009, 10:43:32 pm
"Yes" is down to 27 percent now.
If Applepie keeps lobbying for it, should drop into single digits soon.
The Everton Forum / [poll] Kirkby - re-count
November 13, 2009, 10:40:48 pm
If memory serves, people on here were about 50-50 leading up to the vote. A lot of them were arguing Bill's bollocks talking points for him.

The Everton Forum / £14 Million Rodwell bid rejected.
November 13, 2009, 10:35:33 pm
So the fucking unthinkable begins to be pondered in earnest. They'll take Jack from us piece by piece, rumor by rumor, story by story, BK wink by wink and secret negotiation by negotiation -- just like with Lescott.

We've gone from knowing that Moyes will only receive a pittance for summer transfers, to resigning ourselves to our best players being sold.

That's the type of "progress" we have to look forward to as long as this despicable little cunt remains owner.  
The Everton Forum / Keefe replaces King
November 13, 2009, 10:32:03 am
Good to hear. And will be good to read Keefe's work instead of the Kopite musings of King.
The Everton Forum / Will Bill Leave?`
November 13, 2009, 10:29:42 am
He's a bad actor enjoying the role of his life -- as a big shot owner of a Premier League club.

He gets to rub elbows with legitimate tycoon owners (and assure them that he has final say on all player transfers). Prance out and grin and grimace before an audience of thousands at Goodison for games. Deliver soliloquies on his dedication and suffering and undying hope at shareholders meetings. Meet and greet with foreign dignitaries when Moyes gets him to a Cup final. Play the clever, in-the-know tycoon for Sky interviews. He's not going to give that up. He loves it and knows he won't come close to getting that type of role anywhere else.

Bill Kenwright will leave Everton in a pine box. By then, Everton may be buried in the Championship or Leaue 1. He is a League 1 level owner.

The only way we'll be rid of him is if fans start booing and mocking him every time he shows his face in public. If his role-of-a-lifetime becomes as uncomfortable and humiliating as it should be for him, he might move on and look for a new audience.
Winning teaches you some very valuable lessons as well. More valuable, and it can become a habit, as can losing. Unfortunately, with all the wank spewed in this lad's direction, I think losing may also make it easier for some big club Svengali to turn his head and convince him he's too good for losing and Everton.

We all envisioned Rodwell as someone we'd build the club around for the next decade. But he may well turn out to be just someone we sell to help service BK's debts, DK and a couple mercenaries to fill the gaps for a couple seasons.  
The Everton Forum / Moyes : New faces in January unlikely
November 07, 2009, 12:20:22 pm
Quote from: Si
Quote from: blue for younot missing lescott either he was shit for city today blame for at least 2 goal's. money talks

I think we do miss him, and I think his problems at City come from a high back line that he can't play in

Our defensive tactics made him look like a world beater, because we play so deep and he wasn't chasing the attacker as often, and he had his back to the goal more - at City they play higher up so he often has to make his decisions quicker and when running towards his own goal, which are not his strengths

I also think that while we miss his ability in our defense, we are also still feeling the fall-out from his transfer itself

This. And more. I think we miss who JL was before his head got turned. Very popular player and leader who was usually first on the scene to break up a fight or try to talk someone off an emotional ledge. He was clearly one of the foundation pieces Moyes was building on for the long-term on.

To have to sell him meant we have to replace that part of the foundation, not to mention his very good defense, steady fitness and those key goals he came up with so often. It also sent a message tot he rest of the squad that Everton may not be the place for a player with ambtion.

I do worry that his sale marked the end of the club's uptick in fortunes this decade and the begining of a decline...unless we get new ownership of course.